Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Treble Clef Fun

Why the thrill for touching fabric?

In mid-August I was asked to teach an Early Morning Seminary class to 9th - 12th graders at 6am, M-F for the next four years.  It is an amazing opportunity: great youth, teaching the Old Testament, and getting up at 4:12am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I am so tired in the afternoons that I do not trust myself to drive or use a rotary cutter between 1-5pm.

So I have not sewn or long-armed anything since August 10th.

A friend came over and said I looked as if I needed some fabric therapy.  She was right!

It felt so good to touch, stitch, and yes, even, cut some fabric!

This Piano Accompanist quilt has been 99.99% done and was loaded on Sis Hinckley since May.  Summer and Seminary fun had filled my days/weeks/months.  It only needed the treble clefs and words stitched into the corners.

Monday, August 17, 2015

a little Creation is appropriate

While preparing Seminary lessons covering Genesis, a little creation seems appropriate.

Monday, August 3, 2015

a chain of Irish Chain quilts

Upon seeing (on fb) the cute nursery decorations a young mom had made for her soon-to-be-born daughter, I called and asked her if she had any scraps leftover from her decor projects.
Then I inquired, 
"May I make a crib quilt for your daughter using those scraps?"
"I don't think there is enough but I would love one of your quilts!"
I added in some Wallflower fabrics and some Kona White.
Et Voila!

A few extra 4 Patches create the darling back.

 You might wonder why I felt an affinity for this young mom?  Because she shared her husband for the last 6 months of the pregnancy with me on The Savior of the World musical our church performed in mid March.

He played Cleopas and I love to sit a few rows in front of him on Sunday so that I can hear his wonderful voice.

Here he is with their youngest son after a dress rehearsal.

Jessica, thank you for sharing your husband with our spiritual play.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Favorite Blocks

Do you have favorite, classic blocks?  I do.  Here are two of them:  
Snowball and 9 Patch.

This never gets old
 and the colorways and reverse layouts are endless.
FYI: I used a jellyroll
and so the Snowball corners are not a perfect match
with the 9 Patch squares.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 cousins, two 2 color quilts, 2 Kona blue colors

Two O'Brien (aka Irish) cousins graduated so this seminal moment called for 2 Irish Chain Quilts to be the same but different, just like the cousins.  They live in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes.  
Can you see the O's for O'BRIEN?  
So I took Melissa Corry's String of Pearls pattern and reversed the color pattern to create two quilts I named:  Great Lakes' Pearls.
2 shades of Kona blues:
Riviera Blue on left; Royal blue on right.
FMQd with strings of pearls allover repeat
I came up with as I stood in front of the tops loaded on my Gammill.

Even the backs need to be pretty.

See the FMQing inspiration and the appearance of water?
Two Kona blues (Riviera and Royal) and Kona White were used to produce two terrific 2 color stunners.

Here is Melissa's original String of Pearls from her wonderful book, Irish Chain Quilts.

This pattern is SO easy, each extra long twin quilt top took me only 9 hrs to make.  (The first one was so fast, I had to time the 2nd one...)  And I am already working on a Bitty Bits quilt from the same book!

 Right???!!!  Yes, please!  

Monday, May 25, 2015

WIP #1

Resurrecting this WIP.   Hmmmmm.
Note to self:  when laying out Chain blocks --
double check orientation! Ha!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

$13 for a charm pack????

Has anyone else noticed the jump in prices for pre-cuts?  $13 for a charm pack and the "discounted" price is $9.35???

$46 for jelly roll.  


So glad I have a stash.  Those prices are ridiculous.  

Sorry new collections, I will not "have to have" you.  

The fabric industry needs to compute what the new prices mean for a quilter to make even a baby quilt (about $70...) for them to see they are pricing themselves out of business.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A quick Keepsake Quilting kit was just what was needed!

Have you ever looked at online stores' kits and wondered if they were worth it?  If the quality of fabrics used was good or great? If such a kit would really save you time?

My ox was in the mire and I needed a quick graduation quilt for the YW who was our Crewmaster for the Easter musical, Savior of the World.  She was amazing.  Her mom said Jessica wants to do her dorm room in lavenders and blues so I started pondering possibilities.  

But I really did not have Time to ponder!  What to do?

I opened up Keepsake Quilting's online catalog, of course.  When I saw The Boardwalk Quilt Kit, I knew the colors were just right.  Their description stated "Kona Cotton precut strips for the planks" so I no longer needed to worry about quality.
Kona Sunset jelly roll and Kona White.  This kit was easy, quick, and, more importantly, it was gorgeous.

SOTW = Savior of the World   2015 

BTW, I used 2 kits to create a 65x90 twin quilt.  I did pull out the 6 most green strips from each kit and set them aside for another day.  Kona Wisteria on the back, border is pieced and darling.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

attempt #2 at Muted Neutrals with colors from Savior of the World costumes

All the costumes were muted, greyed-down, beigey neutrals.  Hence, the bkgd squares.

The dusty colors are the accent components of the costumes:  a fabric woven into a headdress, a cummerbund over the neutral tunics but under an overrobe.

I am trying to capture that the Costume Mistress took very dull, dusty, muted neutrals and created a beautiful costume with VERY little color.  All varied.  All unique.

Here is the start of attempt #2.
It still needs borders and perhaps different colors used.
But this just might be the better Quilt of Many Colors.

A 2 hour quilt or Her Baby Shower is at Noon???

Half a Layer Cake and some random charms.
Pieced (remnant bindings stitched together) binding and voila!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Muted Colors for Costume Mistress

From Sep 2014 - Apr 2015 I was blessed to be the assistant director of a musical production:
Savior of the World.

It was a huge 147 member cast with 10 dedicated committee chairmen, and thousands of hours.  And it was marvelous.

For each of the committee chairs, I am making a quilt reflective of their responsibility: Costumes, Sound, Lighting, Stage Build Out, Boat, Piano Accompaniment, etc.  So you will be seeing those works in progress.

This week is for our Costume Mistress who organized 10 volunteers to help create multiple costumes for the 147 cast members.  Designing, sewing, fitting, coordinating all the muted, greyed-down fabrics by scene was a ton of work and an utter exhilarating blast.  We did all the tunics, over robes, sashes, shawls, wraps, head wear, angels, lepers, & soldiers costumes in 10 days.  That's right: 10 days.  Jackie and I sat down with my sketches for various costume styles and figured out how many of each component for each character in each scene.  Then we calculated the yardage for each component and fabric types and weights.  Off to Hancock's and Joann's we went.  We bought and ordered hundreds of yards of Kona Solids in about 14 neutrals and had to dye much of the color fabrics to bring it down their hue.

So this is the Quilt of Many Muted Colors that I think I am giving to Jackie.  I may end up making her a classic Joseph's Coat of Many Colors pattern because this one is a bit too much color and the Joseph's Coat pattern just has wedges of color.  Note all the neutrals in the "stars." Of course, it still needs its borders...  And I need to remove and realign the blocks where the points are all in the wrong quadrant.  Ha! How did I not see that as I was sewing it together??

It was a mess organizing the colors and I did not do a terrific job at spreading them around but with all those neutrals and dusty, muted tones, it was fun to make.

I used the Wanta Fanta Block by The Bee Hive blog because of its kaleidoscope-esque look.  The designer used only one neutral for the centers which would make this a breeze to create, but my 14 neutrals was a challenge keeping their points in the right color block on its four sides... a bit mind numbing late at night!

Wanta Fanta is a paper pieced pattern.  For some reason (must be my printer setting) slightly reduced the corner blocks because they did not match up precisely.  Yet another reason to make another Jackie's Coat of Many Colors.
This was a crazy mess trying to keep the various neutral points lined up correctly in the blocks surrounding them.  Only 2 farkles to fix in the final top.