Monday, February 7, 2011

first Free Motion Quilt finished!


first Free Motion Quilt finished!

Weeeeooooo!  Thanks to Leah Day at, I have successfully, with NO broken needles, completed of my first Free Motion Quilt (FMQ)!  

Oh sure, I have done some top stitching in the past, but due to breaking 10-12 needles at every previous attempt, my m.o. has been to take my quilts to a long arm artist in town for the finishing touch.  (And I may do that again if I need something special on a particular quilt.)  But Leah Day has set me free.  Not a single broken needle!  The key?  I took the darning foot I had purchased years ago and pulled off an annoying part.  Yes, I broke the foot to fix the foot!  (I am sure there is an analogy in there...) And it was on Leah's great FMQ site The Free Motion Quilt Project that said she took out some pliers and intentionally broke that troublesome part off her foot.  Voila!  Freedom!  Success!
Here are some of the preliminary steps to my FMQ.

another use for Bright Pink Duct Tape: holding the back down taut and smoooooth.
Pin the batting and the top in place.

Can you see the NOW highly functional darning foot?

Stitching the binding.

beautiful Double Pleasure #1

Love the back!  Notice the pieced binding that matches the back piecing.  Love, love, love it.

Leah:  we are fellow travellers.  You have set me on several journeys, the least of which is FMQ.  Thank you.

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