Saturday, February 19, 2011

Froggy Quilt finished and in the mail

This was a UFO that needed to be finished.  I think I lost enthusiasm for it because the prints were so busy it was overwhelming to look at (just perfect for a 3yr boy, but not a GeeGee that loves pastels and roses...).

This Un-Finished Object needs HELP!

1)  UFO that needed a border.
2)  Controlled and defined the exuberance
 of the Froggy prints with
a 2" solid black border and
a 5" repeat of the multi-color print from the 9 Patch blocks.
3)  Added 2.75 x 8.5" scrappy frog prints border
for a pull it together punch of color.  Binding is also scrappy frogginess!
Finished size:  58x76

 A conundrum with a solution!

The difference at each stage tells the story of a quilt.  And a life.  Sometimes a good foundation needs to be enhanced, controlled, and expanded all in thoughtful stages of development.  We must be open to change and creative solutions.

And a little humor (sass on the back) helps!

So let us not give up on life or those UFOs.


Cheryl J. said...

Cute! When did you become a master quilter??? :)

I am Just One Mom said...

ha, you see me and my quilts through loving eyes...

I am Just One Mom said...

you are the ONLY one who sees this blog... I am chronicling working through my stash! there are lots of quilters on the blog o sphere all recording their journey with fabric.