Friday, February 11, 2011

Wide Mouthed Frog Quilt

What a difference a border makes in a busy quilt.  It gives the eye a place to rest.  Before and After tell the story of this Wide Mouthed Frog Quilt.
Before: undefined, busy

After!  Controlled exhuberance.

   Once there was a Wide Mouthed Frog.  While in the forest one day he asked the Mother Rabbit, "Mother Rabbit, whaaaaat do you feeeeeed yooouuuurrr bbbaaaaabbbiessss?"  The Mother Rabbit replied, "I feed my babies carrots and lettuce."  "Oooooohhhh, thaaaaaat's niiiiicccce," answered the Wide Mouthed Frog.
   Further in the forest he met Mother Deer.  He asked her, "Mooooother Deeeeer, whhaaaat do you feeeed your baaaabbbbbieeees?"  Mother Deer answered, " I feed my babies apples and grass."  "Ooooooohhhh, thaaaaat's niiiiiiccccce," replied the Wide Mouthed Frog.
   Then he saw Mother Snake.  He jumped right over to her and asked Mother Snake, "Mooooottthhhheerrr SSSSSSnnnnnaaaakkkke, what do you feeeeeed youuuuur baaabbbbiiieeessss?"  Mother Snake answered, "I feed my babies Wide Mouthed Frogs."  The Wide Mouthed Frog looked at Mother Snake and said very quickly, "oh you do, do you."

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I am Just One Mom said...

the border looks curvy but it is straight, just distortion from balancing on a stool above the quilt... trying to get it all in the frame.