Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fabric vs Time Ratio Inversion

Another little epiphany:  the reason the Stash happened is I had the fabric but I lacked the time.
In 2011 I am inverting that ratio.

It has never been a shortage of ideas, plans, tools.  It simply was the 24 hr a day limit we all live within.  Which is not to say I would change the Early Morning Seminary time commitment or trade one of our sons for a few more hours a day... wellllllll..........

But life is about choosing between good choices.  Now that my time is my time, no more shuttling teens to activities & such, I am inverting the fabric/idea vs time ratio.

Yeah!  Weeeeooooo!  Cartwheels!  Make that Pinwheels.
Bye bye stash, hello creations.

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