Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quilts for Japan

Are there adequate words to describe our sorrow for what the Japanese people are experiencing?  We prayed for them when we heard of the massive earthquake.
We cried for them when we watched the tsunami sweep their life and lives away.
And now the long suffering from the radiation is heartbreaking.
It was almost a year ago that we thought we might understand what despair is in a family.
We were wrong.

So our simple, pure solution is warmth via quilts and,  as they wrap themselves in the quilts, the knowledge that we care for them.
LDS Humanitarian Services --- 100% of donations go to people in need.  You may specify Japan on your donation of $ or goods, such as quilts.

With each stitch I pray for the homeless, landless people of NE Japan.  Comfort is both physical and emotional.  We care.


Clare Wassermann said...

Absolutely. I agree. It is too much to take in. That silent, invisible radiation.

Tina said...

What great projects you are working on. I really love the circles! I totally need one of those cutting tools. Were you able to find that at say Hobby Lobby or is it a specialty tool? Keep up the great work :)

I am Just One Mom said...

Tina, I picked up the best circle cutter, Easy Circle Cut, at Missouri Star Quilt Co

I love it because it has so many sizes all in one ruler. You can cut full circles, halfs, quarter circles. Oh and the perfect mini mini rotary cutter fits right in the channels.
So for $22 it is an endless possibility combination. I use these ALL the time. I will post pics of this quilt after I FMQ it, the arc is raw edge so it will be super soft!
Hope the links help.