Friday, May 27, 2011

right tool for the job... boo hoo

I started ripping out (a very merry unstitching to you and you) the ENTIRE free motion quilting last week.  I am still ripping out.

Pride cometh before the seam ripper.

this is the thread for just half of the quilt....

had an epiphany four days into this brutal process:
 instead of using my forefinger and bruising my  thumb
 to  pull on the ripped out threads ---
drumroll please... use tweezers!
Love the Clover seam ripper!

So you may be thinking, "Heck, the stitching looks good to me."  As it did to me as I happily, gleefully free motion quilted for four hours.  I even marvelled at how pretty the Orange Crush King Tut thread looked on the quilt top.  But then I reached UNDER and LOOKED at the back... duh duh duh

The tension was way off.  The bottom thread was so tight it pulled the top thread out the back and as soon as I touched it I wanted to cry.  I felt the tell tale bristly and scratchy threads due to the thread tightness.

I am setting this aside for the Memorial Day weekend.  I have already missed the birthday for which this was intended.  I need to give my wrists a break.  I need to remember some dear people.


Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

OH NO!!! I feel for you..unsewing is the least fun part of quilting! I love my Clover ripper too, but hate having to use it!

I am Just One Mom said...

your empathetic unsewing vibe is very soothing! here has been my last week:
1)clover seam ripper ripping the bottom tension threads;
2) revlon rounded edge tweezers plucking out the clipped threads;
3) repeat for the 368 squares and micro stippled edges...
argh! ok, deep breath, set the quilt down, walk away from the ripper.

Hanne said...

Ouch! Not a happy task!