Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 young women, 5 quilts

5 very different young women and 5 quilts.  Well, 4 quilts (1 quilt photo still needs to be taken...)

For four of the quilts we used a very easy, large block pattern from Quilts & More Fall 2008 called High Light (follow the link and click through 5 page tutorial and supply list).  Several of the quilts were modified to fit extra long twin dorm beds by adding strips and enlarging the borders.

The simple stacked coin quilt was made using the green and grey tones from Verona jelly rolls.  I stitched together 4 wof strips, alternating white and colored strips, into long units. Pressing the seams open allowed easy cutting into 6" wide subunits, I was able to get 6 subunits out of each long unit. Create a variety of 4 unit strip combinations. Press. Cut into subunits. Rearrange the subunits into a pleasing color layout and stitch 9+ subunits together per column (7 columns).  Sashing is white jelly roll between the columns.  Borders are 2" and 4.5" (unfinished).

One tip in joining jelly rolls, binding, etc is to join strips with a 45* angle.  The seam simply disappears!

The collections used were Reunion, Verona, and a ton of stash fabrics!

Here are the pics for the black & white treasure.  It is a stunner!

Love you!


Mrs.Hearts said...

I am glad you are posting more now, as I have really enjoyed what I have read and seen on your blog! Keep it up!

Also, thanks for the tip to sew jelly roll strips together at a 45-degree angle. I love how it looks on the back of the red/aqua quilt. I do that for binding, but hadn't thought of that for the quilt top or backing. Thanks!

I am Just One Mom said...

Thank you! The 45 degree angle on borders and piecing also help prevent wavy edges. But then I just LOVE scrappy binding and borders.