Sunday, September 30, 2012

a little test run for my new machine

What a difference!  First creation on Sister Hinckley, my Gammill Vision 26.  Why Sister Hinckley?  This is her namesake:
Me Too ♥♥♥
read her comments on a quality life in the left bar of this blog.
ME TOO ♥♥♥         

just needs binding and it will be pkgd up and sent!

This little 45x45 quilt is Xs & Os, from a Just Wing It charm pack by Moda.  I was trying different stitches on Sister  Hinckley to get a feel for the movements, hence all the variety in the borders and pieces.

I saw the you-tube tut by Missouri Star Quilt Company
Easy beazy!
And a pic of the pieced back and stitching.


Mrs.Hearts said...

You did a super job quilting that special quilt! Your first time, really? It looks professional!

I am Just One Mom said...

Thank you! Smooth and easy patterns but I wanted to get the feel for the machine.
I had a dysfunctional Tin Lizzie that I just threw away (partly why I have not been posting.) I had replaced every part (except the motor) and it still would skip stitches, break threads, etc.
So I am in love with the Gammill. LQS set it up Thurs and on Fri I quilted this little tester.

I am Just One Mom said...

Mrs. Hearts, your sweet comment has played in my mind all day. Really. It is such a confidence booster and I did not know I needed a boost...!
Blessings to you for your kind words.