Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you need a Purpose and a Person?

Did this for a bee a year ago and think I may make a quilt out of this Twister tool.  Hmmmmm.
What colors to use?  That is the question.  For whom will it made?  Another good question that would help with the fabric selection.  Do you do this?  Do you need a purpose and a person in mind in order to make the decisions necessary to give the fabric life in a quilt?


Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Yes and No. Sometimes the fabric just chooses you. I think the less pressure we put on ourselves for the 'perfect' quilt, the more perfect they become - but then sometimes I have to think of a person to make it go together. mmmmmm. Who knows.

I am Just One Mom said...

oh, you are wise! Requiring perfection can immobilize me, so thinking about the person/purpose gives me the incentive to push on.