Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sweet Beginnings Mini Fans quilt


Sweet beginnings for baby Ruth created in Sep!  Ruby mini fans. Finished in Nov. Delivered in Feb.

3.5 white squares, 4 mini fans from each charm square.  Glue stick dab holds fans in corner.  Only need to stitch outer arc before piecing.

Note the difference once it is laundered and dried.  Love it.
Clip fan edges and launder 3x for fans to fluff up!

 Overcast day in Feb... blahh.

Laundered 3x to help the fans fluff up! 



Alice said...

I love it, so sweet! Did you use a pattern? Was the background meander quilting done first and then fans appliquéd over the top? Would be a fun way to use up stash and make a charming quilt for a little (or big!) girl.

I am Just One Mom said...

I think it is a 3.5" white square with 4 fans cut from each charm square. I dabbed a little glue stick on the back of the fan to hold it to the square. Then only stitched the arcs before sewing square to squares.
For the FMQ I did stitch the meander first and then went back and did the 3 blades for the little fans.