Friday, March 29, 2013

60 degree piecing is SO easy

Right?  I know.  I was a doubting Thomas, too.

I opened my new gadget, Jaybird's Hex N More template, to make some sass for the back of a YW's graduation quilt.  This was my first time to use this template and the Ballerina pattern by Jaybird.  And it was SO easy I am going to make a whole quilt out of this fun pattern!

Hex N More can cut 4 shapes in 4 sizes!  I did 2 shapes and 2 sizes today and I found it effortless, no math, no adjustments, just fun.

from Jaybird's site:  The ruler comes with FULL COLOR instructions just like my patterns. All of the pieces can be cut from strips. I will be posting the instructions online along with videos soon.

So do you know what that means for me???  And you?

This is what I am going to be making just as soon as I can get a Snack Time pattern.    
It is THAT easy.   
You should try it, too.  And then tell me how much fun YOU had!   

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