Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top finished!

Squared-up top!  Phew and WOW!

In an effort to prevent bias issues:
 became friends with Heavy Starch and Stay Stitched all the sides 
of the finished top.  No biggie, just wisdom.


Haley said...

That is beautiful!!

I am Just One Mom said...

Thank you, Haley. Graduation quilt time is here!

Selfsewn said...

Hi there in answer to your question re my circular quilt, if you look up flowering snowball you will find a template for one quarter of the circle. I made card templates and drew four on some paper to make the circle. Hope this helps?
Nice quilt by the way x

I am Just One Mom said...

Thank you, Selfsewn! I will look up flowering snowball and start creating.