Friday, January 30, 2015

3rd time is the charm and Farkle-free Peace

Quilt farkles are SO frustrating.  I could not put the Lamb baby quilt on Sis Hinckley until I fixed the farkle.

The trusted seam ripper was employed.

a careful surgical excision of the middle of 3 pinks...
Replaced with a green block.  Phew, now I can quilt this sweet quilt.  But wait!!  Another farkle!

Another glass of water to purge the naughty words from my mind and to steady my fingers.

Third time is the charm!  What a relief.
Now to stitch sweet bouncing lambs on dear Sheri Lamb's first grandchild's quilt.  I love her too much to give a quilt of farkles to her little grandbaby.

Ahhhh, exhale.  Smile.

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Linda H said...

Haha. We all make these boo-boo's. I think you just get so tired of looking at the quilt that eventually you don't "see" the mistake. Like after writing a long term paper, you can't edit it yourself because you just don't see the errors. I had the same thing happen to me with a quilt. I had laid it out and checked and double checked the layout of the blocks, making SURE they were all going the proper way. Minutes after I posted a photo of the completed top, a good friend called and said - "Look at the top row. You have one block turned the wrong way." She was right. Thank heavens for good friends with sharp "fresh" eyes!