Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fishers of Men scene props: Fish!

1 done, 59 large and 13 small to go!

Our church is producing Savior of the World, Act 2, The Resurrection.  The Fishers of Men scene is one of the most beautiful parts of this musical.  Here is a fish that fills their nets when they Follow Christ's counsel.

I sewed strips of blues, greens, and black, of various widths, together into a 103x102" piece.  I covered half of the width with Saran Wrap and quilted zig zags all over.  

To create the body structure I sandwiched batting remnants between the pieced top and an old king sheet.  Then I embellished it with pectoral, dorsal and caudal fins.

I rather love this fish and all it represents.

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