Sunday, July 5, 2015

2 cousins, two 2 color quilts, 2 Kona blue colors

Two O'Brien (aka Irish) cousins graduated so this seminal moment called for 2 Irish Chain Quilts to be the same but different, just like the cousins.  They live in Michigan, surrounded by the Great Lakes.  
Can you see the O's for O'BRIEN?  
So I took Melissa Corry's String of Pearls pattern and reversed the color pattern to create two quilts I named:  Great Lakes' Pearls.
2 shades of Kona blues:
Riviera Blue on left; Royal blue on right.
FMQd with strings of pearls allover repeat
I came up with as I stood in front of the tops loaded on my Gammill.

Even the backs need to be pretty.

See the FMQing inspiration and the appearance of water?
Two Kona blues (Riviera and Royal) and Kona White were used to produce two terrific 2 color stunners.

Here is Melissa's original String of Pearls from her wonderful book, Irish Chain Quilts.

This pattern is SO easy, each extra long twin quilt top took me only 9 hrs to make.  (The first one was so fast, I had to time the 2nd one...)  And I am already working on a Bitty Bits quilt from the same book!

 Right???!!!  Yes, please!  

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