Monday, August 3, 2015

a chain of Irish Chain quilts

Upon seeing (on fb) the cute nursery decorations a young mom had made for her soon-to-be-born daughter, I called and asked her if she had any scraps leftover from her decor projects.
Then I inquired, 
"May I make a crib quilt for your daughter using those scraps?"
"I don't think there is enough but I would love one of your quilts!"
I added in some Wallflower fabrics and some Kona White.
Et Voila!

A few extra 4 Patches create the darling back.

 You might wonder why I felt an affinity for this young mom?  Because she shared her husband for the last 6 months of the pregnancy with me on The Savior of the World musical our church performed in mid March.

He played Cleopas and I love to sit a few rows in front of him on Sunday so that I can hear his wonderful voice.

Here he is with their youngest son after a dress rehearsal.

Jessica, thank you for sharing your husband with our spiritual play.


Tawa said...

Church musicals can be such fun, can't they. My husband and daughter were in one two years ago, based on Joshua. There are rumours of another being written, but so far only a rumour. Lovely quilt, especially that mix of aqua and pink.

Karee said...

Thank you! All the costumes, stage sets, props, and music are to be reused every two years. I believe now that our church has seen this first performance many more people will want to participate in the coming performances.

We had prayed for 35 people to audition and had 105! The great director created additional lines and songs so everyone who auditioned would be able to participate. She was inspired.

Re: the quilt. It was a bit of a fun challenge to use her bits of fabrics. Just decided to cut as many 2 1/2" and 4 1/2" squares as I could and then filled in with Wallflower & stash prints. Challenges are good for creativity.

Tawa said...

Yes, the limited choices seem to spark off the creative process, compared with that feeling of being slightly overwhelmed when faced with too many choices. I like scrap quilts, because you only have small pieces, and when they are gone, they are gone. Then you move on.

As an aside, the King Tut thread that en route? I have been reluctant to ask, just in case you had left the Post Office in shock after learning the cost of postage. On the other hand, if it is missing en route, then I didn't want you thinking I was rude for not notifying you of its safe arrival. Bit of a quandry at my end.

Karee said...

We are of one mind: I just saw it in the laundry room yesterday and the only address I had in the box was the Bartow, GA one. I don't know where I put yours... If you would not mind emailing it to me, that would be grand!