Saturday, January 30, 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story Quilt

All of the beautiful black and white photos for our musical production, Savior of the World, were taken by Heidi Christensen of Sunflower Six Photography.  They are stunning.  They capture the spirit of the people singing and performing this sacred play.

So the quilt made for Heidi is in tones of black and white and in fabrics with words and sheet music.  The pattern reminded me of the focus frame in cameras.

Tic Tac Toe pattern was designed by Toby Lischko
and is from the book, Kickin' Back Quilts
(one of Fons & Porter's Best of series.)
I added an additional row to create a 60x76" throw.

Heidi Christensen at

Heidi is an amazing photographer.  Thank you, sweet friend, for capturing this sacred effort for forever.


Shannon said...

Wow! You have definitely captured the spirit of the photos in your beautiful quilt! It is a very stunning black and white quilt with a perfect pattern.

Karee said...

Thank you. Heidi in an amazing photographer. All of these b&w pics were done during a very low light (stage lighting only) rehearsal. And yet, she made the images come alive.