Thursday, January 14, 2016

The BOAT, the amazing boat!

 Without hesitation Jeremy Cottle built a boat of bent wood that appeared to float on the Sea of Galilee.  
He did it in two days.  He was inspired.
This quilt represents the waves, the wood, and the indomitable faith of fishers of men.

In our production of Savior of the World, our director asked a very busy man with a busy family if he could make a boat for the Fisher of Men scene.  She handed him a sketch.  
 One little caveat:  it had to be two halves that looked full and huge beyond what it really was.  Not a whole boat but 2 halves that could be carried on and off stage through standard sized doors...  Can you see the center beams that we clamped together while on set?  

It filled a corner of the stage & build out and became a scene on the Sea of Galilee.  

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Shannon said...

Nice! I love how your quilting follows your water and wood theme. I have never seen a border quilted like that. I love it! Perfect gift.