Monday, February 21, 2011

a lesson on Variety in quilts and in Life

Go to this link and see a series of quilts (using the same quilt pattern) done by different artists in the same quilt guild.  Sitting side by side one another as they work each month on the same block in varied colors and prints.

To me, this is fascinating.  It makes me wonder if 10 artists had had the chance to paint the same scene of The Starry Night by van Gogh or Renoir's The Swing --- what would they look like?

Variety is important in people and in fabrics.  Most of us have similar life settings (block patterns) but we can experience the same event very differently.  Some of us go through life with no contrast, muddying with greys our view of what is happening around us, or feeling everything in the same tone - either highs or lows.  Some live in vibrant tones.  Some have discordant lives, we clash against the fabrics and people nearest to us.  And some times, it all comes together beautifully.  It has harmony.  And you say to yourself, 'Well done.'

The blogging world brings us in touch with variety.  And for this, among much else, I am grateful.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Thanks for that - so interesting and thought provoking to see such a range of quilts, all the same pattern but all so vastly different. Thanks for sharing!

I am Just One Mom said...

You are welcome. Love your flower blocks, again such variety. I look forward to seeing them in a quilt.
My prayers to to your 'neighbors' in New Zealand as the quake's damages to life and home are extensive. God be with them.

sharon said...

I agree with variety. No matter how many quilts I design, each is unique and different.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.