Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 8 reporting in = 6.25 yrds out, 4 charm packs, 1 jelly roll in

Joined Stash Ring for more accountability.  But cannot seem to get the 18 lines of html code nonesense to work...
Okay, okay.  You are asking me: 'What is with the charm packs and jelly rolls???'  I love them.  It makes getting to the actual desinging & creating so much sooner.  The color combos are already done for me.  Ahhhh.
But they are sitting on the shelf while I work through my stash, so settle down.  And I am working through the stash. I am working through the stash.  And may I just say this is an example of the gorgeous stash that it is.

This week I have almost finished the Welcome Home queen quilt top.  Still need to add a simple double border.  And you know how much I love borders!

Yummers.  So different than most quilts I have made but I am rather in love with it.

Did I mention I love the Missouri Star Quilt Co's Daily Deal?  LOVE IT.  Click on the button for Quilter's Daily Deal on the left, you will love it, also. Or click on this link


Marti said...

I have been wondering what people do with the jelly rolls, but after seeing your quilt, I finally understand. It's really pretty.

I am Just One Mom said...

Yes, this could be a fun jelly roll quilt. However, because I wanted to use specific white on whites I did not use jelly rolls for this quilt. These strips are from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2" wide cut from yardage and remnants from a previous quilt!
Here is a great pattern for jelly rolls that I just purchased. They have a video tutorial for this also on their site