Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunflower Loving Bride

A friend dropped off a top & back for her daughter's wedding.  Sunflowers and lavendar are her colors and the mom zipped together this Rail Fence top.  Wowzers, everyone sees color usage differently and I am happy for Camille and Chelsea to embrace their color love so boldly.

I thought I would show a bit of the steps in deciding how and what I will FMQ on a top with bold colors and simple block pattern.

I measured each block = 7" square.  Then I drew 25 square (5 blocks x5 blocks) and laid Press N Seal over the center 9 blocks.  With a sharpie I began experimenting.  --- once the grandkiddoes drive back home for the start of the school year, I will hook up the scanner and post those pics ----

The client wanted a fresh yellow thread and So Fine # 496 was perfect!

Linda Taylor's Arch Guide --- one of my oft used FMQ tools.
 I started by using Linda Taylor's Arch Guide
to go corner to corner in both directions
to establish the framework.

Then I filled in the corners with 3-1-3 petals.

I wanted to make the FMQing create false negative space,
ie another layer to an otherwise predictable block pattern.
 I added echo arcs
that created center diamond shapes
 which I filled with simple lines.

Nothing fancy but a good reminder that your FMQing does not have to parrot the block.
The inner petals have harmony with the fabrics and wedding theme.  BTW, I love Press N Seal because I can experiment on design ideas without thread ripping...!


Scrapatches said...

Pretty quilt with pretty quilting. Press'n'seal? For the quilting motifs? I have never heard of this before. Does it remove easily afterward without disrupting the stitches? I am going to have to experiment with this. I will be using scraps for my experimenting, though, before I get brave enough to ever approach a finished quilt top with a sharpie even if there is a plastic shield over it ... :) Pat

I am Just One Mom said...

Oh, no --- I use Press N Seal on my to scale DRAWINGS of the quilt blocks. It is a most excellent way to experiment your FMQ designs on the "blocks."

Though I have peeled it off the paper drafts and stitched right through it onto the quilt top. It comes right off the quilt and I have never had the sharpie transfer via needle or needle holes onto the fabric.

Working up the stitching design is something I love to develop, modify, and modify again before the needle ever pierces the quilt top.

Sheri said...

Beautiful colors and quilting!

I am Just One Mom said...

It is fun to quilt customers' colorful quilts that I would not be bold enough to use myself. It stretches me and I gain new appreciation for boldness.