Saturday, January 4, 2014

I LOVE them all.

I have many MUST DOs for 2014-2030.  Trying to decide which one to do first is difficult.

2014 New Year's Quilting Resolutions:
--- this is the year of family members' quilts.  After making more than 100 quilts for charities and grads, I am going to start & finish quilts for my family members.

While starting 2014 with Achilles Tendon repair/replacement surgery, I will "recover" by finishing the tops and backs as follows:

Jan:  -- updated on Jan 28th to reflect reality!
        Have surgery & recover. (Recovering not happening as quickly as I hoped...)
        Create the back for granddaughter's Vanilla & Blooms bright, cheerful top.
        Sew glue-pieced creations from granddaughter's 4th grade Tessellation class into a top.
        Sew glue-pieced creations from grandson's Kindergarten Ticker Tape class into a top.

Feb:  Recover enough to stand in a boot by end of month...?
         Create the back for granddaughter's Vanilla & Blooms bright, cheerful top.
         Cut & piece top & back for uncle's Michigan quilt.
         Create backs for both of the school quilts.

Mar:  Recover enough to negotiate the stairs to begin FMQing the January quilts?
         FMQ a friend's blue, yellow, and white appliqued flowers quilt.
         Bind quilts.
         Make Asa's wedding quilt.

Apr:  Travel to schools for quilt presentations, pics, and delivery to charity of their choice.
         Create one giraffe themed grad quilt.
         UFO: create back for Shay's quilt & finish it!
May:  FMQ giraffe grad quilt.
          Cut out d-in-laws quilt.  Start piecing.
          Cut out Janer's quilt.

Jun:    Piece Janer's quilt.
          Cut out Daniel's quilt.

Jul:      Vacation with family!

Aug:   Piece Jane's.
          Piece Daniel's.
          Cut & piece top & back for dear husband's quilt.

Sep:   Finish Jane's.
          Finish Daniel's.
          Piece Paul's.

I have the fabrics but still up in the air about the all-important patterns.  Hmmm.

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