Thursday, February 6, 2014

BLOCK - a new, no advertising magazine!

BLOCK is the magazine for all of you that want to make beautiful, easy quilts! Subscribe now! New magazine. 
No advertisements... that alone would be amazing, but add in 10, yes 10, patterns, tutorials in print and on You Tube. 
6 issues/yr.  $6/issue.  When was the last time you bought a quilting book for $6?  And really with 10 quilts and in depth instructions plus online video tutorials each issue will be better than a quilt book.  
All from the talented teachers at Missouri Star Quilt Co.  That's right, they do the marvelous You Tube tutorials that have transformed who quilts.  And they offer a Daily Deal with the latest tools and pre-cuts with $5 or NO shipping!
Did I say they are amazing??
Perhaps we could start a BLOCK quilting guild and help some fabric fulfill its destiny!  Together!
Photo: BIG NEWS!  We are launching our very own magazine, done in house here at the Missouri Star!  Read the details here - help us figure out what cover we should go with, Left or Right?
I have subscribed to probably every quilting mag (even the ones from Australia) and every issue makes me crazy because of the space devoted to ads, ads, ads and the puny descriptions (cannot really call them tutorials...)
So yes, I am excited to have a known quantity, Missouri Star Quilt Co, offer a terrific magazine.
Subscribe today and start creating a treasure.  Weeeeeoooooo!  

P.S.  No advertising.  This makes me so happy.
Spread the word.


Stormy said...

I subscribed but I haven't gotten it yet. I'm excited no ads. LUV Jenny.

Stormy said...

I subscribed but I haven't gotten my copy yet. I'm excited a quilting magazine with no ads. I LUV Jenny from MSQC.