Thursday, May 21, 2015

$13 for a charm pack????

Has anyone else noticed the jump in prices for pre-cuts?  $13 for a charm pack and the "discounted" price is $9.35???

$46 for jelly roll.  


So glad I have a stash.  Those prices are ridiculous.  

Sorry new collections, I will not "have to have" you.  

The fabric industry needs to compute what the new prices mean for a quilter to make even a baby quilt (about $70...) for them to see they are pricing themselves out of business.


Anonymous said...

What you have said is so true. I am glad that I too have a pretty good stash to select from. I am shocked when I see the prices now for fabric. The last purchase of fabric I made was from a fabric store that was going out of business and the mark downs were really good. I tried to stock up on fabric I think I will use. I've quilted for quite a while now and the prices have really gone out of sight. Thank you for bringing up this topic. You're so right, I don't HAVE to have the newest fabrics. Linda Kay

Karee said...

"Biting the hand that feeds them" comes to mind.

Stash Revolt! Perhaps that should be a blogosphere message spread blog to blog.

Vicki Amick said...

Have you noticed what is doing now? They used to sell half yard cuts at half the price of a yard price, but now their half yard price is about $7.50 when the one yard price is $10. They say that it's not cost effective for them to sell half yard pieces and only want to sell fabric by the yard. I've stopped shopping there. I can buy fabric for the normal half yard price at other places and don't have room for one yard pieces!
They've lost my business unless I'm buying multiple yards for a quilt backing. Actually I wish more online shops would sell FQ's

Karee said...

Business strategies are often fraught with unintended consequences...

Thank you for the heads-up on's latest decision.

I agree with you, Vicki. Selling FQs online would be terrific, they would fit in flat shipping envelopes and would allow shoppers much more flexibility.

Tawa said...

Its also bad for those of us down the bottom of the globe, $32/ metre for quilting fabric, full price. For a large quilt, it can cost over $100 just for the back. Thread is even worse, $23 for a small spool of King Tut, and nobody imports aurifil, since we couldn't afford to use it. Personally, I am always offering unwanted fabric a home.

Karee said...

Tawa! I have King Tut big spools that I will not use. Want them?