Thursday, May 14, 2015

A quick Keepsake Quilting kit was just what was needed!

Have you ever looked at online stores' kits and wondered if they were worth it?  If the quality of fabrics used was good or great? If such a kit would really save you time?

My ox was in the mire and I needed a quick graduation quilt for the YW who was our Crewmaster for the Easter musical, Savior of the World.  She was amazing.  Her mom said Jessica wants to do her dorm room in lavenders and blues so I started pondering possibilities.  

But I really did not have Time to ponder!  What to do?

I opened up Keepsake Quilting's online catalog, of course.  When I saw The Boardwalk Quilt Kit, I knew the colors were just right.  Their description stated "Kona Cotton precut strips for the planks" so I no longer needed to worry about quality.
Kona Sunset jelly roll and Kona White.  This kit was easy, quick, and, more importantly, it was gorgeous.

SOTW = Savior of the World   2015 

BTW, I used 2 kits to create a 65x90 twin quilt.  I did pull out the 6 most green strips from each kit and set them aside for another day.  Kona Wisteria on the back, border is pieced and darling.

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