Saturday, December 12, 2015

Grandmother's Flower Garden by 3 generations of hands

A dear woman asked me to help her.  She had a hexagon top that was 60+ yrs in the making, innumerable sets of hands, 
all with various stitching "techniques."  

See the top below.  I duct taped a Kona Snow under top to my tile floor.  With the top freshly pressed and The Micro Fine Glue Tip from Purple Daisies Quilting I carefully glued and hot pressed every exterior hexie edge to the Kona Snow.  It controlled the wonky edges perfectly.
Using So Fine thread, Betty's Teal, 
I then was able to blanket stitch the hexie top to the Snow under top without any shifting occuring.  
I trimmed away the Snow from the back (lots of Snow for future piecing!) leaving about an inch extra all around from the blanket stitching.   

Before:  the hexies were a hot mess.  
Bunched up, pleated, uneven, but made with love.

I love how the white provides the definition to each hexie edge.

Look at the stitching and imagine 60+ yrs and
 3 generationsof hands
working on this treasure.
Much can be forgiven when you see they stuck with it.
They did it.
I wish she could have had it hand-stitched.
But for her, it was better to have it done 
for her mother to enjoy now.
Well done, ladies!


Shannon said...

Wow! That was some impressive quilting you did. Great job saving such and old and beautiful quilt.

Karee said...

Thank you. I wonder if such tops will ever be seen again.