Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fresh Eyes

Have you ever almost ruined a quilt because:

1) it is after 10:30pm;

2) your brain is so muddled you willfully CUT into the quilt certain you have found the solution;

3) you are trying to meet a deadline and are pressing forward;

4) you KNOW YOU are smarter than some pieces of fabric?


Big mistakes were made too late at night, under the gun, desperation took command of my scissors and my brain.  I cut into the quilt and border.  Big mistake.  I had to repiece and stitch it back together so I could CUT into it again...  Another big mistake. 

Started making better decisions once I admitted to myself, through tears, that I was a completely exhausted idiot and I put the quilt away and went to bed.

So I missed the self-imposed deadline.  Big whoop.

Four days later I spread the pieces out again to study them, certain a solution to my hatchet job was just around the corner.  The solution came in the form of a sweet, gentle woman who came over to drop off a quilt to be FMQed and to chin (a sweet phrase my m-in-law used for "chatting".) I told her of my continuing befuddlement.

Sis Hibben took one look at it and in her gentle way she said, "Have you considered...." Boom! Solution found!

Her solution was to pull UP the side borders so I could just add a corner white square. 
My mind was sooooo twisted up in confusion that night (trying to get it done for a party the next morning) that her clarity was the solution. She had fresh, unfrustrated eyes. Her heart, hands, and head were not 'all up in the angst.'  She had Perspective, forest for the trees... and all that. Love her gentle ways.

If you missed the previous post about this quilt, the base pattern - the mosaic center - is Vanilla & Blooms by Fig Tree & Company

My d-in-law picked out the bright, darling fabrics for her girls' quilts. Her mother is making another one with the same fabrics, different pattern (Jewel Box), to be on the other twin in their room. So joyful!


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Darlene said...

Perfect solution for an adorable quilt. Way to go, Karee!